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Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
Raising Your Spirited Child
Length: 36:28
Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka is a best-selling author and internationally recognized lecturer and parent educator. Born on a third-generation dairy farm in Minnesota, Mary now lives with her husband in Bozeman, Montana. Mary is the former director of one of Minnesota's largest Early Childhood Family Education programs, the founder of the Spirited Child and Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles workshops, and the proud mother of two adults.

Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka has worked for decades with children and families, so her wisdom and experience shines through. In this interview we challenged her with 3 real life situations to see what she would do… We asked her about how to help the spirited child who has big feelings, how to help the highly distracted child get out the door in the morning, and how to help the child who likes a lot of routine and gets thrown off if things are changed.



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Dayna Abraham
Help Your “High Needs” Child Identify and Grow His Superpowers
Length: 38:03
Dayna Abraham is a National Board Certified teacher with a background in Early Childhood who always figured out ways to love the most intense and challenging kids in her classroom. After becoming the a mother herself and seeing her own child not “fit” into school, she chose to homeschool and help other parents, of challenging and intense kids, to find their own super powers.

Dayna Abraham helps kids (and their parents) see how their struggles are also their super powers. First, she works to understand the cause of a child’s behavior, which also helps the child have self-awareness. And then she works together with kids to solve everyday struggles, like turning off video games, cleaning up the house, and getting out the door in the morning. If your child has sensory processing disorder, you won’t want to miss this talk. Dayna’s positive approach is infectious and inspirational.


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Kj Dell'antonia
How to Be a Happier Parent
Length: 39:08
KJ Dell’Antonia is a former New York Times reporter who wrote and edited the Motherlode blog and the Well Family section of the Times from 2011 until 2016. She is the author of “How to Be a Happier Parent” in which shares her research, interviews, and entertaining personal stories, to help all of us figure out “how it’s done” in the bits of family life we find most challenging. KJ believes that we can raise our families, live our lives, and love (almost) every minute of it — if we let go of the idea of parenting as a direct route to destination, and decide to meander along our own merry way.

KJ Dell’Antonia wrote “How to be a Happier Parent” because she noticed, as a reporter, that even though even though we are living pretty decent lives, that many parents are still really stressed in many parts of the world. She wondered what she could do to support those of us who are parenting right now. She shares what she has learned from her research and her parenting experience. We talked specifically about chores, technology, decreasing stress, and making family life more fun.


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Vibha Arora
Using Conscious and Positive Parenting to Raise Competent Kids
Length: 30:26
Vibha Arora is a Marriage Family Therapist and a certified Positive Parenting Coach. Her coaching practice is enriched by her experiences growing up as the daughter of immigrants, being an Indo-American, single mom of two, her work as an educator, and studying with teachers including Dr. Shefali. Vibha’s intention is to empower people and hold space for them to find their way back to their own inner wisdom, purpose and truth.

Vibha Arora talks about how to encourage independence and competence in kids. We asked her… How do we know if our kids need a push or a cushion? How do we get “untriggered”? How do we help our child without undermining his independence? How do we get connected to our child? Do we set limits? Vibha also explained what it’s like to parent “differently” than her own family and her culture.


5 Keys To Positive Discipline

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Joanna Faber / Julie King
How to Talk So Little Kids will Listen
Length: 40:53
Joanna Faber has a Master’s degree in Special Education. She also happens to be the daughter of internationally acclaimed best-selling author, Adele Faber, Co-author of How to Talk So Kids Can Listen and Listen So Kids Can Talk. Her first hand experiences in the classroom allowed her to contribute heavily to her mother’s award-winning book, How to Talk So Kids Can Learn.

Julie King has been educating and supporting parents and professionals since 1995. She works with parents and couples individually, and she leads workshops. Julie holds degrees from Princeton University and Yale Law School. Julie and Joanna are lifelong friends who have collaborated professionally for many years.

Joanna Faber and Julie King share some wonderful ideas about how to respond to children using examples from real life situations. We talk about a 4 year old who doesn’t let his dad do anything for him, twin boys with significant communication delays, a girl who is very anxious, and a child who doesn’t want to hug or kiss family members. You won’t want to miss this delightful and informative conversation.



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