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May 18, 2019

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Dr. Joseph Lee

Decreasing Anxiety by Being a “Good Enough” Parent

Length: 45:13

Joseph Lee is a psychiatrist with a practice in Southern California. Early in his practice he saw that his patients were clearly getting better, but didn’t seem to be quite “well.” His search to help people truly thrive, led him to a truth-based perspective that he’s been applying personally and professionally, built around developing self-worth, meaningful relationships, and lifelong optimal healthiness. Becoming a parent, made him more intentional about every aspect of his own life – trying to figure out the best way to raise his kids, while maintaining his own health and wellbeing.

Dr. Joseph Lee explains, whether you are an adult or a child, why some anxiety is a good thing, but too much has detrimental effects. When you are feeling anxious, what can you do? Part of the solution is having courage. Being courageous means that you still have fear and anxiety but you choose to act anyway. Dr. Lee assures us that kids don’t need perfect parents, far from it! “Good enough parenting” actually is, according to the research, good enough!



Todd and Cathy Adams

Parenting with a Partner: When Your Child is High Needs

Length: 43:05

“Cathy is a self-awareness expert, podcast host, & author focused on parenting and the personal empowerment of women and young girls. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Parent Coach, Certified Elementary School Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher, and she teaches in the Sociology Department at Dominican University and Elmhurst College.

Todd is the co-host of the Zen Parenting Radio podcast and a certified life coach who focuses on supporting guys in finding a healthy work/family balance. He focuses on marriage, parenting, career, overall self-awareness and life enjoyment.”


Parenting a high needs child can add stress to a marriage or committed relationship. In this conversation, Cathy and Todd Adams share personal stories about their own partnership and answered tough questions. How do you prioritize between your relationship, your child’s needs, and your own needs? How do you get on the same page? What if you don’t agree with what your partner is doing? How do you deal with conflict?


Zen Parenting website

Ann Douglas

When Your Child has a Mental Illness

Length: 37:19

Ann Douglas is the author of Happy Parents, Happy Kids, Parenting Through the Storm and numerous other books about parenting, including the bestselling The Mother of All Books series. She is also the mother of four children who have struggled with a variety of different mental health, neurodevelopmental, and behavioural challenges — and who are all currently thriving.


Talking to Ann Douglas is reassuring and hopeful because she’s been through it ALL! She talks about how to know when to get your child tested, what to do while you wait for the results, how to explain your child’s diagnosis to them, how to deal with your own feelings about your child’s diagnosis, how to get support for yourself, and how to care for all your kids when one is taking up a lot of time. Ann offers practical tools and relief for anyone parenting through a storm.



Dr. Amy Saltzman

Using Mindfulness to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions

Length: 35:51

Dr. Amy Saltzman is a holistic physician, mindfulness coach, long-time athlete, a devoted student of transformation, wife, mother and occasional poet. Her passion is supporting people of all ages in achieving peak performance and finding flow. She offers individual holistic medical care, and both individual and team mindfulness coaching, in person and online, to athletes, coaches, children, adolescents, parents, teachers, therapists, and high tech executives.


Mindfulness helps us find a “still quiet place”, like the place between ourselves and our thoughts and feelings, or the space between stimulus and response. Dr. Amy Saltzman doesn’t just tell us about mindfulness, she shows us, by guiding us through a simple meditation–that could be used with toddlers through adults! We know that childhood is stressful, and parents are stressed too. Amy shows how to bring simple, scientifically backed practices to families to ease stress and difficult emotions.



Eric Bowers

The Heart and Science of Healthy Relationships

Length: 39:35

Eric Bowers is a counselor, artist, musician, poet, blogger, workshop facilitator, public speaker, and the author of Meet Me In Hard-to-Love Places: The Heart and Science of Relationship Success. Eric’s mission is to help people do the healing work that allows them to follow their dreams and deepest callings and build successful relationships in all areas of their lives. He believes that healing work is a potent source of energy, creativity, power, and beauty, and that the brightest of lights that are waiting in the darkest of places.

Eric Bowers explains that the unfinished parts of our childhood are likely to come up in our current relationships, but that our current relationships are also well-suited to help us heal. We asked him… How do we know when something needs to be healed? How do we have curiosity and compassion for ourselves (and our partners or children) in those difficult times? How can we soothe ourselves in tough situations? How do we have healthy connections and boundaries with our kids? Eric insightfully answers these questions in the context of Non-Violent Communication and Interpersonal Neurobiology.



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